About Us

Cirque Lanka is the first ever company which brought European New Circus to Sri Lanka. Our experienced team works all around the world (Expo 2010 Shanghai, Expo 2015 Milano, Formula F1 Bahrain and many other events in Japan, USA and India).

New Circus works with aerials acrobacy, gymnastics and several other disciplines as well as fire affects and it is all based on theatrical approach. New circus is very popular and fast growing genre which doesn’t work with any animals.

Cirque Lanka came to Sri Lanka in November 2016. We created two shows “Dreams about Rama” and “CirCODE” which were both the unique fusion of European New Circus and Sri Lankan traditional dancs. We played 50 of these performances in Viharamahadevi Open Air Theatre.

We designed also several special performances for big companies in Sri Lanka e.g. Nestlé, Dialog, Capital Maharaja Organisation and Insee.

Every night from 1st December to 28th of January visitors are going to see the unique performance based on Ramayana Story or show called CirCODE. This stage play is telling a story of a part of DNA in us which is sometimes hidden. It is responsible for playing and children‘s ima­gination. CirCODE would like to wake up this information. We would be glad if you spend with us one playful evening and connect with your inner child. People can visit Cirque Lanka in the largest and the most beautiful park in the heart of Colombo where they can enjoy great coffee and free Wi-Fi Every show starts at 7.30 pm, café is opened from 4 pm.

„We worked in North and South America, Africa, Asia and of course Europe. We were part of big events with milions of visitors. We were doing shows on EXPO Shanghai and Milan. But 90 % of this projects – what we were part of – we prepared at home and then brought it on that place. This project is definitely something new. It grows organicaly through two different cultures, it is a fusion of work of two different continents. It is really big experience and challenge for both Czechs and Srilankans partners. But after 20 years in culture I know that if there is something what can bring together people no matter age, education, religion, opinion, it’s culture. It just connects people,“ explains founder of Cirque Lanka Jakub Vedral.

The project has the official support of HE John A. E. Amaratunga, Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs and Hon Malraj B. Kiriella, Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.